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Forever 21 Opening Day : Short Note

2 Jul

I am still gathering my thoughts about opening this morning at Megamall A 2nd Floor, where the HUGE, and I mean HUGE, Forever 21 stands. I only slept for three hours (stupid insomnia 😦 ) but still managed to get up at 8:30 and get ready. I’ll follow up on this as soon as I get some sleep!

Every person who was there this morning knows how the excitement and adrenaline pumped your body into grabbing everything that catches your eye. I can honestly say, I felt I was in line for a rollercoaster ride because I was excited but at the same time scared. Scare that I might spend all my money, which were not a lot to begin with. On the note of my recent purchase, I was not well equiped for the battle but I still showed up!

Ok, I’ll rest now. I promise to come back in a few hours. 😀 Good night for now, Forever 21 Manila!


Forever 21 in Manila!

27 Jun


If you haven’t heard yet, then you must have been living under a rock. Forever 21 is coming to the Philippines this July 2nd! Now Filipinas can also enjoy the fashion and style of Forever 21. Worry not, it is not as expensive as Zara or Top Shop (at least for me those shops are way too expensivo). Forever 21 will keep you within your budget and keep you stylish at the same time.

(Photo taken from Forever 21 Facebook Fan Page)

According to the dashing Mrs. Cecile Zamora-Van Straten of Chuvaness.com, Forever 21 will have:

34 fitting rooms
60 sales assistants
17 cashiers
91 total staff, including management

I cannot ask for a store that I want to be franchised here in our dear country! I have been an avid fan and shopper of this wonderful store ever since I was 15 years old. I would always look at their website (www.Forever21.com) for new finds. I’d put them on my wish list and then have my sisters check it out and see if they can buy it for me.

You can create your own account on their website www.Forever21.com and have unlimited freedom of browsing through their online catalog for the main line, Forever 21, or Heritage 1981, Heritage81 Kids, Twelve by Twelve, 21 Men, Love Contemporary, and Faith 21. You can add items you want to your wish list or directly to your shopping cart.

Back then, I’d have my sisters in New Jersey buy them online and have them delivered to their home where I will be staying at. But now, I have our own Forever 21 store just a good 10-15 minutes away from my condo!

I’m telling you, you will find me in that line the morning they open their doors to public. I am dying to spend my hard earned money for new clothes, shoes, and bags. Maybe I’ll add a few accessories. I even have some accessories here from Forever 21 that I haven’t used yet, so let’s see if I find some new things I like. Sadly, they won’t be carrying the Faith 21 line here according to sources. I guess I just have to work ‘em fats off fast! Hahaha!

I hope they open up an online store where we can just order them through their website and have them delivered right at our doorstep.

I will update everyone on my first take on Forever 21 in Manila right after I shopped! Maybe I’ll post pictures too. 😀 See you guys at the opening! 🙂


– R