Roxi Roman is a 21 year old Communication Arts graduate who is greatly amused by anything under the sun. Still seeking to experience the great things in life through every day experiences and travel. She is an aspiring photographer and writer. Her interests are music, movies, and sports, mainly basketball.

Why the name ‘The Curtainless Windows‘, you ask?

Well, it started during the time Roxi was brainstorming for a name for this up and coming blog. She thought of how unique famous bloggers’ blog names are and wonders how they come up with it. Looking around her pad, she realized she’s been living for almost a year without curtains (even from her past apartment)! Even though it isn’t safe (hey, you can’t trust everybody!) that anyone can see her through her windows, she finds peace and comfort knowing that the world is still out there, waiting for her to do something magical.

One wall with windows have curtains now, but this doesn’t change a thing. She still observes other people and the world just like when there were no curtains. Hence, The Curtainless Windows.


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