My Sony TX5!

2 Jul

I recently just sold my old digital camera, a Canon SD 800 IS, and my other Sigma Lens, so I could buy either a new digital camera or a working lens. I have been eyeing the Sony TX5, was captivated by their commercial on AXN. I’m buying one of those for my trip since I’m thinking of not bringing my 400D with my heavy 24-70mm Sigma.

I got to look at two shops that carried the Sony TX5, TCA and Pixel Pro. At TCA, it was priced at P27,000+ with the package including a 4GB Sony Memory Card and a 3 year warranty at Sony. Over at Pixel Pro, it was originally priced at P27,999 (I think same lang as TCA, but they had it on Red Rouge, TCA was Black only), but was put down to P25,000 because I was planning on purchasing it with cash/card.

(Pixel Pro at Greenhills)

Pixel Pro’s offer was the basic package plus a 4GG San Disk memory card and a 1 year warranty with Sony. Knowing me, I don’t really break my gadgets as I am very OC with them. And since the TX5 is shock-proof, dust-proof, weather-proof, and water-proof, I don’t see myself destroying it in any way.

So I bought the Sony TX5 at Pixel Pro! Here’s my new baby!

No name yet for this baby. Any suggestions? 😀

It takes very nice photos, dSLR like. I’ll make a review for the TX5 after a week of using it so I can be precise. But as for the 5 hours we’ve been together, she’s (Yes, it’s a girl. Hahaha!) been nothing but wonderful. I have been enjoying the iSweep feature of this baby and the awesome pictures it takes even with very, very low lighting. I will now read the manual and other guides so I can use it properly. Don’t wanna break it now! Haha.

Check out the specs at Sony’s website click here !

I also plan on buying a 50mm f.1.8 there before I go so I can have something on my 400D also or maybe when I get back. But I’ll surely get it from Pixel Pro. They know what they’re selling and their prices are very competitive.

Pixel Pro is at the 3rd Level of Unit 359 V Mall (Virramall) Greenhills. Right across the Food Court. Telephone: 726-9387 or 584-5356. They also have a branch at Megamall Mega B, in Cebu and Pampanga.

Pixel Pro carries cameras and accessories from Olympus, Samsung, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Rollei, Panasonic, Phottix, Giottos, Lowepro, Kenko, JJG, Pacsafe, Tamrac, and Tokina.





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