Food Buzz: Cibo

2 Jul

After my trip to the salon I went to Cibo for dinner. I had the Pomodoro Classico Bruschetta and Spaghettini Alla Bolognes. I didn’t like Cibo before but after DF and FMIL introduced me to their delicious bruschetta, I can’t stop thinking about it. I am a big fan of tomatoes and cheeses, makes me happy when I can have both in one dish!

The Pomodoro Classico Bruschetta is served with a big slice of bread cut into two, topped with freshly chopped tomatoes, herbs, and then thin slices of cheese. I’m not quite sure what the cheese is, but it taste very good with the whole plate. I usually pour the olive oil (served together with the bread) over the whole bread, makes it more tasty.

I almost forgot to take a picture of the bolognes since I dived right in! This picture was taken after mixing the sauce and pasta. The pasta dish I had was very tasteful, but a little heavy to the stomach. The noodles are thicker than the average ones served with bolognes in other restaurants. Beef and sauce was awesome. It was also served with bread, a very long soft bread to be exact. It was heavenly! I wish it was like at Fazoli’s in Eastwood where the bread is complimentary and you can have as many as you want. Hahaha!

I dined at Cibo in Promenade, Greenhills. Their service was crazy fast! I waited less than 5 minutes for the bruschetta, less than 10 minutes for my pasta. And the servers are very attentive, my glass never got empty as they kept on going to my table and refilling it. The down side is, this branch is a little small, and it can be filled within minutes being than it is located at the heart of Greenhills. Luckily I was able to get a table outside, dined al fresco style for dinner.

Kuya Germs was at the next table! Wanted to take a picture of him but was shy and very hungry. But you can spot him by the window on the picture of the place above.

You may visit Cibo at the Promenade Strip in Greenhills. It’s right next to Grilla and Tender Bob’s. Cibo is also at Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 3, Shangri-la Plaza, Power Plant, and Gateway.


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