Twilight Saga: Eclipse

28 Jun

Oh my, with the distraction of the US retail giant coming here I almost forgot of another important event this week.

Eclipse, the 3rd book of the world famous Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, is coming to theaters this June 30th. I think I have been waiting for it since New Moon that my anticipation wore out a little. BUT, I am still excited to see it nonetheless. I decided to skip the advance screening of the movie for two reasons:

  1. Ticket price is higher this year, I think. Even though it said its reserve seating, I still hesitant because the last advanced screening I went to, which was New Moon, it said the same thing but when we got there we ended up seating on monoblock chairs on the SIDE of the movie house. Not a nice angle watching Jacob take off his shirt to assist the oh-so-helpless Bella.
  1. Screaming girls! I know, I know. I did the same thing when I first watched Twilight. But these young girls are crazy! And I mean crazy to the point where you can’t hear or comprehend the dialogue between characters because of the ‘yiiiiiiiiiii!’ ‘aaaaahhhhh’ ‘Edward!!!’ ‘Jacob!!!’ screams you’ll be hearing throughout the whole movie.

Even though they’ll be giving out movie posters when you watch tonight, I think I’ll just watch it tomorrow or even next week since I am being a scrooge until Friday! They gave out 2010 New Moon calendars the last time. It’s as big as a short bond paper. Haven’t used it or placed it anywhere. And I also got a free mouse pad with the ‘Wolf Pack’ on it. Anyone who wants to take these off my hands can leave a comment or e-mail me at curtainlesswindows at gmail dot com. 😀

So I’ll be catching it on its regular showing at Greenhills instead. People are more, how do you say it, tamed, here. Hahaha! 🙂

Anyway, hope movie-goers tonight will enjoy the screening. No spoilers please!





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