Countdown: 4 days to go! Forever 21 Fever!

28 Jun

Seriously, I feel like fainting when I see sneak-peek photos of the store from bloggers who also anticipate the grand opening! I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I feel like a kid waiting for the opening of Disneyland in the Philippines. Although I don’t think it would fit well here. Look at Enchanted Kingdom. Sorry, but its not so ‘enchanting’ anymore.

Anyway, as we are all waiting for THE day, I’d like to share some of my Forever 21 items that I’ve used until the color faded. Hahaha. Most of these babies were purchased online and then I’d pick them up over at my sister’s place in New Jersey. I also buy stuff at Old Navy for casual tank tops and cool bags.

Here they are:

1. Violet Babydoll w/ 3/4 sleeves Smocked Dressy Top – One of my favorites, I wear it a lot. Like a lot. But now when I wear it I look like an eggplant so I rarely wear it na. Hahaha! I think  Ashley Gosingfiao, a Filipina cosplayer, also has the same dressy top I think, I’m not sure. But it does look alike. Of course she wore it better! (Picture from Alodia Gosingfiao‘s Multiply Site)

(ME) Dress by Forever 21, bag from Nine West, bracelet from Juicy Couture, bag from Eastwood City Tiangge.

Ashley Gosingfiao

2. Jeffrey Green Babydoll Eyelet Dress – Another favorite. I love wearing this on formal events. This picture was taken when DF’s band before had a gig at a hotel in Makati and I sang a few songs. Old school photo obviously ‘coz I’m a little bit thinner here. Okay, super thinner here. Hahaha!

3. Flower Print Top – Its satin-feel makes it very comfortable to wear. Sorry I don’t wear it without cover ‘coz I’m not zexy!

4. Black Bolero Cardigan – I love this so much! This is probably my favorite. I love how it goes with everything. You’ll see me wearing this when I have a sleeve-less top or a tube top on. It’s a life saver!

5. Black Tunic Print Top – I usually wear this without the belt because it gives too much emphasis on the ladies and my belly.

6. Striped Tunic – Another favorite! This was taken while on vacation at Sonya’s Garden at Tagaytay.

7. VIP Baseball Tee – I love wearing this on casual days. Taken during one of our stays at Holiday Inn Galleria.

8. Hello Kitty Tunic Top – Hello Kitty is ❤ and I can’t wait to wear this again. 😀

9. Yellow Watch – My mom actually got this for me with a matching yellow hobo bag. But I exchanged bags with her ‘coz she had green, and I love green more than yellow. See next picture!

10. Green Hobo Bag – It’s so roomy I can fit everything in there! Only problem is I put so many things it becomes too heavy for my shoulder. Hahaha! (Sorry, I can’t seem to find a picture that shows the whole bag. But here’s a peak of it.)

I’ll take more pictures of my other Forever 21 stuff that I got. I’m planning on selling the other accessories that I have that hasn’t been used yet. Sayang naman. But it’ll be less than the price of course. What’s the point of overpricing it when its coming to town! But these were last year’s find. Maybe you’ll like them. I’ll post it here and on my Multiply Store site: Roxi Sells . 😀


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    […] the store. I was so happy when they opened their flagship store last year. I blogged about it at my old blog. I will be selling some of my old F21 clothes online, as well as some unused (with tags) items. […]

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