Dads The Ultimate Buffet Experience

27 Jun

I apologize for not update on our Dads The Ultimate Buffet experience. As I’ve said before, we got the gift certificates through mail. According to them, they sent one to every household in North Greenhills.

Anyway, we used them the week after I got the mail. And I tell you, it was worth it! I haven’t been there in a while. Back then I didn’t have as much taste for food as now, although I don’t really eat that wide variety of food, period.

DF enjoyed it at least, he’s so much fun to take to buffets ‘coz he basically eats anything! After our meal, I jokingly asked the person who directed us to our table if they can send another one ‘coz I said we’d eat here over and over again if we had lots of GCs.

Well, less than a month later, our lobby receptionist told me I had mail. Surprisingly, they sent TWO more GC packages! I couldn’t believe they would send a new batch or even two! I don’t know if they did this because I asked (okay, begged!) or if they just accidentally sent three (that would be weird?) but I was happy. But the catch was it was 2 weeks away from its expiration day which was June ___.

We consumed the first free Dads Ultimate Buffet for Two in the 1st week with a friend since we had the discount coupon for Saisaki/Kamayan. It was well worth it for our friend Ayo since he too had a palate for everything edible. Hahaha! The second GC we used on the day of the expiration itself. We went with my best friend and her boyfriend. I gave them two of my Saisaki coupons for them to use. My BFF totally enjoyed the Japanese buffet because she loves Salmon Sashimi and she had like 5 plates of it. She felt dizzy after a while. Hahaha!

Anyway, I would like to thank Dads, Kamayan, and Saisaki for the pleasure of eating that we’ve had and for the gifts. I will make sure we eat there for big occasions since it’s for everyone.

Dads, Kamayan, and Saisaki EDSA is located at 207 Edsa Greehills, Mandaluyong City.

Tel. No: 722-8125


One Response to “Dads The Ultimate Buffet Experience”

  1. pickycat June 29, 2010 at 9:12 am #

    The food here is very nice. Though they purposely serve out more expensive viands such as the roast beef at a slower pace, the overall dining experience is still nice. The acoustic band playing is also a treat.

    Overall, a nice place to eat at, though things could get unpractical without the brochures. Peace!

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