Dads: The Ultimate Buffet + Kamayan + Saisaki

22 May

I’ve always loved buffet restaurants, not because I eat a lot (I swear I can’t go more than 2 plates!) but because I love to mix and match foods. I remember going to Saisaki & Kamayan along EDSA when I was little, I don’t think Dads was part of the empire that time yet. Saisaki covers the whole second floor of the building. Even then I loved Japanese food. I’d go there with my childhood best friend whenever Mom would have meetings or gatherings with her friends at Kamayan. I didn’t love Filipino food as much as I loved the Japanese cuisine.

I have a quirk where I would eat Japanese foods like Tempura or anything beef while it mixes in with the flavors of Sinigang and Adobo. Some mind find it gross but I love it!

I don’t think I’ve been back since somewhere between 2006-2008, when my Mom gave me two free buffet coupons they gave her.

Now look what I got through the mail:

Okay, Mom isn’t here so that means I can use it right? Hahaha! And it says its transferable to children of recipient too. I don’t know how she got herself in their mailing list or what, but I am thankful!

Inside the package:

1 Free Dads Ultimate Buffet for Two (2) – it says it includes Kamayan and Saisaki Buffet (!!!)

1 Free Bottomless Iced Tea for Two (2)

1 50% Off Coupon for Saisaki Buffet

1 50% Off Coupon for Kamayan Buffet

1 15% Discount for Whole Kamayan Lechon de Leche

I’m not a big fan of lechon, so I don’t know where that’ll go. I only like them during Christmas or New Year or fiestas. I get so disappointed when the skin is not crunchy. LOL!

Dads is the perfect venue for any occasion specially if your guests are heavy eaters. It satisfies every craving! Oh! And their dessert choices are amazing. From cakes and pastries, to ice creams and crepe!

I recommend calling to reserve tables beforehand if you’re bringing in a big party. I think you’ll get a special room or a private area, I’m not so sure.

Dads, Kamayan, and Saisaki EDSA is located at 207 Edsa Greenhills, Mandaluyong City.

Tel. No: 72208125


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