MERALCO: Seriously? P5,701.30?

6 May

I have been planning on writing about the whole issue with Meralco and how high everyone’s electric bill went up to like 50% or more. I decided to wait on my March-April bill so I can see it myself.

I recently moved in at our condo in Greenhills early March and when I got my bill a few days early of my first month there, it was around P1,450+. I was relieved because I’ve been using the AC quite a lot during noon time because it gets really hot and then a little while during the night just to cool the room then I’d switch to electric fan. But that’s about it. I’ve been doing that since then. Maybe an hour or two more than usual since the heat went up a few weeks ago. But still same consumption level.

But lo and behold, my March-April bill shot up to P5,701.30! Do the math on how much it doubled, tripled, whatever!

I AM EXTREMELY MAD about this.

I’ve been sweating like a pig at home, trying to live through the heat because I know other’s bill has gone up, I was so scared that mine would go crazy. There were days I would feel sick already because of the heat, maked me nauseaus and dizzy.

I’m sure you’ve read so many blogs about this whole issue and you know exactly what Meralco is doing. You’ve seen it on the news and we can be damn sure that Meralco can bill us lower than what they’re billing us now.

Saving electricity has been my number one priority ever since I moved out of our house because I have been known to be the one having the AC on the whole day because I was used to that growing up. I remember back in college that I would get maybe P6,000+ bills but that was because I would have friends over and it would get really hot when there’s a lot of people in the room.

I make sure that I won’t get high electricity bill by ALWAYS unplugging appliances or electronics that are not in use. This annoys the Boyfriend because he’d have to plug them every time he’d use the computer, TV, cable box, microwave, etc. My light bulbs are the saving type too I assume, they’re the low watts kind (sorry I don’t know the term). Mom gave me an Extreme Power Saver thing that you plug in and would help you decrease your electricity bill. It worked wonders for our home when Mom was here and I believe it worked during my first month.

Meralco, please do the right thing. It’s unfair to charge your fellow Filipinos this high when you know we’re not as wealthy as other countries. Maybe some of our brothers and sisters can afford paying bills as high as P100,000 but most of us can’t.

I feel so bad for those who are working thrice as hard just to make ends meet. I wish they’d feel the same way.

I am thankful that I can still pay for this but I am not happy about it. I didn’t even feel the benefit of using that much electricity to be billed that way.

It’s unfair. It’s not right. Fix it Meralco.


Maybe our bills will go down after elections. They don’t need money for campaigns then right?


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